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Submission Guidelines

​Northern Amour Writing is an ebook- first publisher for authors by authors.  Northern Amour Writing considers all manuscripts but will only select edited and quality manuscripts. Please make sure you check out our submission requirements before submitting. Thank you!

Romance, adventure, horror you name it. Northern Amour Writing will work with you to make sure your story is published in your vision.  

​Send us your manuscript today!


We are looking for manuscripts that are 20,000- 100,000 words but will consider others if they are compelling enough. 

What Norther Amour Writing offers:

  • Competitive Royalty rates.

  • Professional covers

  • Dedicated and quality editorial staff who will work with you to help you craft your best story

  • One-on-One coaching for the entire process

We expect our writers to join us in marketing, for maximum impact.

To submit a manuscript for consideration:

Please include in your email cover letter:

  • Real Name & Pen Name

  • Title of Story

  • Story genre

  • Book length

  • Blurb

  • Publishing experience

  • Any awards or writing affiliations

  • Website and contact information

  • Microsoft Word attachment with your completed manuscript and a synopsis of no more than 5 pages

  • If previously published work, please attach reversion of rights letter from previous publisher. 


Manuscript Formatting:

Inkspell accepts standard eBook manuscript formatting, which is as follows:

  • Times New Roman 12 pt font

  • 1.5 spacing

  • 1-inch margins

  • NO headers, footers or page numbers

  • Word doc only

  • Author name and title on first page only


We do not accept anything involving rape (even as "titillation") - remember it's about the emotional memory that impacts the current event that is important, not beastiality, or pedophilia. 

Send your email to mik_lemieux(at)northernamourwriting(dot)com

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