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Writing Services for independent Authors

Marketing Package

Promote your book to readers. We will promote your books using custom marketing plans to augment your sales using Facebook, Netgalley and Amazon ad services. Advertising has become more critical than ever before. This is your time to understand, attract, and engage with potential readers. You can get it all with our custom Northern Amour Marketing Package.

Ghostwriting Services

Have you tried to write a book but just couldn't figure it out? Here at Northern Amour Writing we'll write the book for you and give you all the credit as well as royalties. All you have to do is sit back and relax and wait for your book.

Formatting Package

You took care to create your manuscript. Let us layout and format your masterpiece in a professional manner so that you can publish your manuscript with confidence wherever you see fit.

Mentorship Package

Have you researched and read all the books on writing but still aren't sure how to complete your project? Northern Amour Writing offers custom mentorship packages from of our award wining authors. These packages are tailored to fit your schedule, ensuring you complete your project and set yourself up for success.

Self Publishing Package

Do you have a completed manuscript but aren't quite sure how to self publish. Navigating the complicated keywords and categories on book platforms such as Amazon, Apple books, etc. can be extremely stressful. Uploading files, choosing categories, and ensuring everything is listed can be time-consuming, let Northern Amour Publishing take care of it for you with our Self Publishing Package.

Cover Creation Package

Despite the old cliché your prospective buyers will judge your book by its cover. A great cover is one of your best sales tools, instantly conveying the key thoughts, messages, and images that sum up your book. A professional cover will ensure you make a professional impression. If you need a cover look no further than Northern Amour Writing, we will design the the cover of your dreams.

A-Z Book Package

Are you looking for the whole package when it comes to writing? Northern Amour Writing's A-Z Book Package will help you write your book, format your book, create your book cover, and get you published all while giving you the mentorship you need to do it on your own next time. If your looking for the whole package A-Z Book Package is for you.

Author Representation Package

Are you looking to have your book traditionally published? Not sure how to solicit publishers? Look no further, Northern Amour Writing will solicit all suitable publishers and use our well connected network to make sure you find the best fit for your book.

How to Write, Course Package

Are dreaming of writing a book and don't really know how to get started? Northern Amour Writing will provide you with packages of courses tailored to your writing needs. Along with one year of mentorship from one of our award wining authors.

If you are interested in any of the above services contact us using the inquiries box below

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