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Less Thinking More Listening

Author: Penn Papar

If you would have only negotiated. How many times have you heard someone say this phrase? Far too often people go through life not realizing the importance of negotiations whether it be for personal or business situations. The moment we wake up, negotiations happen all around us all the time. Successful negotiations can lead to strong personal relationships, better work opportunities, more success. Not knowing how to negotiate effectively can however, lead to undue hardship, heartache and quite frankly a lack-luster life. Let this book be your guide towards a journey of empowerment and successful negotiations. What do you have to lose? The journey of self-discovery has started so lets begin.

Hidden Lake: The Prophecy
Author: Denise Howard

Enter a world as new to you as it is to teenager Gracie Willton. On her 17th Birthday she learns about a secret her mother has been keeping from her. Gracie comes from a long blood line of powerful witches. Not only is Gracie a witch she is also considered the prophecy. Join Gracie on her journey as she learns the depths of her powers and how to control them. See how the prophecy unfolds and the bounds of the supernatural world are effected. However, as a 17 year old girl you still need to be concerned about high school grades and cute boys right?


The GOAT Goat

Author: Katie & Spencer Turner

★Goaty the Goat is new at the zoo and can’t wait to make friends with all the other animals!★


As he journeys through his new home, he learns that every animal has a special talent that has earned them a medal.

Join Goaty as he discovers his own special talents and learns that everyone is awesome in their own unique way!

REMEMBER ME: Remembering the Magic of Love

Author: Mikael Lemieux

It was their passion… that’s all people talked about.

True love… it’s complicated.

Madeline and Elliot's partnership was the envy of the dance floor. Their story, an unspoken truth. Star crossed lovers focusing all their emotions into their craft... like I said it was complicated.

Until the day, everything was taken away. Until they fell harder than ever before. It was always Elliot and Madeline, but now…

What would you do? Would you fight for true love?

If you're a fan of Helen Hardt or Sienna Parks you'll love this inspirational romance! Remember Me gives rare insight into the length people will go for true love.

Go up and click Read Now or Buy Now to find out how Elliot fights for love, even at the risk of a broken heart.

Cover_tempted (1) (1).jpg


Author: Mikael Lemieux

It all comes back to that one night when their lips finally touched. After months of sexual frustration Russel felt finally complete when he took over Erin’s body. Erin felt everything from warmth down her stomach to the shivers on the back of her neck when he whispered her name with his thick accent. She loved every minute of it. He took over and she loved it. Both of them unable to stay away from each other, embracing one another when one of them gives into weakness. Why resist? His blue eyes tempting her to the depth of desire. Erin knows she can’t avoid him, she cannot severe the addiction she has for him, feeling every inch of her soul. Not wanting to jeopardize their work relationship Erin pushes him away. Russel knows better, he knows how much she means to him and he needs her. The temptation of not having her becomes too much to bear. She needs time to think, what is time? What is time when you are tempted by the one and only person who can satisfy you. Would you take the leap?

Making Changes

Author: Mikael Lemieux

Meghan was not the most beautiful girl. She was tall, with short hair and a crooked nose and she never thought she would meet someone like Elijah. Elijah was a Rogan, but Meghan never cared about his fortune or his name. She cared about him. With the little amount of experience from her past relationship she doesn’t know why Elijah would want her. All she knows is the way their bodies blend into one another, the way his lips tenderly kissed her neck, the way he made love to her. Meghan was sure of one thing how great they were together. The only thing is how to say those three words and meaning every single one of them, I love you. Scared it might cost her, her heart. Elijah’s obsession was Meghan. Her tall legs drove him crazy, the way she felt when he was inside of her made him day dream about her, the smell of vanilla always a reminder of how she smelled when he had his way with her. He would do anything for Meghan and he wasn’t about to let her go not when she made him feel this way, but he had a secret and he felt like he didn’t deserve her. Now if only he could prove to her how much she meant to him. Maybe if they could keep their hands off each other for once, he could take her out on their very first date, somewhere different then the bedroom

Cover_changes (1) (2).jpg
Cover PNG.png

Agile Hypergrowth Marketing as a service (MaaS): Executing the 10 Ps of Agile MaaS

Author: Melroy Coelho

Business is changing at a quicker rate than it has in the past. Mobile devices, social platforms, subscription services, and streaming channels have radically changed how companies interact with one another and with their customers. It's time to learn something new as soon as a firm becomes acquainted with current procedures. And it's only getting faster.

It's an exciting moment to work at a startup, but it's also tough to anticipate what's next. This is why, today more than ever, founders, investors and key stakeholders want an agile marketing strategy to swiftly react to change and uncover market possibilities.

In this resource, you will find simple, practical and effective insights on Agile Hypergrowth Marketing planning and execution.

Agile Not Fragile Marketing


Author: Alfie Thomas

Of all the worldly experiences, nothing beats being a dad! But to enjoy this momentous new role to the max, you’re going to need some indispensable advice… from a man!


Not long from now, you are going to be able to hold the most precious thing in the world in your arms. But that doesn’t mean to say you can’t feel terrified!


Do you feel that, as mom is tossing and turning to try and get comfortable, your head is spinning with questions like:


“What if I’m no good at this?”




“Am I going to be that dad who drops the baby?”


For moms, there are a ton of books preparing them for every change and every stage. Let’s face it, the only set of instructions men get is the one in the pregnancy test.


They are left to figure out the rest – on top of supporting their partners.


To make the process less daunting, you need to know exactly what new responsibilities you will have and what challenges lay ahead of you.


This is why a dad of three, who really has been through it all, has put together the man’s manual on pregnancy, babies, and toddlers.


And much more.


You are about to embark on the most incredible, life-changing experience of your life. It’s perfectly normal to have questions and even the odd moment of panic.


The best way to feel confident that you are the best dad out there is to have information and a plan – one foot in front of the other, one page at a time!

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